Is that really supposed to be edible???

by Ronda
(Utica NY)

OK, so it's 2 days before Christmas and my fiancée and i come home from visiting relatives and there is this box on our porch wrapped in some real nice paper with a card it was from our neighbors. For for being small it was heavy.

Well we get in the house and I unwrap it, it’s a fruit cake, I hold it up and say to my fiancée "Look they gave us a door stop" we both laughed.

I was walking to the kitchen and as I did I didn't think anything about it being dangerous so I tossed it on the coffee table. Well, the thing of it is our coffee table was all glass (thick glass), and lets just say 'crash' it went right threw the coffee table. I have never been a fan of fruit cakes, but now I won’t even allow them with in 50 feet of my house.

It's no wonder they have websites dedicated to "things to do with fruit cake" and if you have ever read one of those sites you will notice one suggestion you never see on any of them is to eat it, but I never seen a suggestion on one of them either to use it to break 1-inch glass. And if it can do that why would anyone want to attempt to eat one?

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