Ideas For Wedding Cake Design

Are you searching for ideas for wedding cake design?

You may want to begin by asking some questions:

Is it a traditional wedding?

If you are going to have a formal wedding then your cake will probably be conservative and on the traditional side. 

A Safe Bet 

White cake with white buttercream icing is a safe choice. 

Having a three-tier, round cake is also very traditional.

Using your predominant wedding color for some trim on the cake, perhaps icing flowers or ribbons, is also considered conservative. 

Many brides choose to have real flowers placed on their wedding cake. Red roses are the most used, with pink roses also very popular.

For The Less Traditional Bride

If you are having an informal wedding then you may be looking for something less traditional when looking for ideas for wedding cake design.

In that case, you might want to go with a different shape. Square wedding cakes are quite popular. Some brides opt for heart-shaped cakes, which can be quite beautiful.

Some people incorporate fountains, while other adventurous brides have selected a wide variety of interesting, and often humorous wedding cake toppers.

A few non-traditional brides have gone with wedding cakes that were iced in chocolate. Some have cakes that are all one color, with blues and greens being most common among the colorful entries.

Find The Right Cake In Five Minutes

You could buy wedding cake books or look at the pictures that your baker provides. But to get inspiration today, we suggest doing an online image 
search for the keyword phrase "wedding cake" at Google or your favorite search engine. Within five minutes you will probably find something to help inspire your own cake. 

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