Ideas For Wedding Cake Design


This page contains some ideas for wedding cake design. Wedding cakes are one of the easiest ways to express yourself, add drama, or enhance the theme of your wedding. 

As one of the most memorable aspects of a wedding it is also one of the most expensive. If you’re on a budget, making your own cake is an easy way to save money. The experience is fun and rewarding, but practice a few times beforehand – especially if you’re an inexperienced cook. 

Because cakes are such a prominent feature, the design should be handled with care and forethought. Elements that can be used are all around you and the possibilities are endless. By making your own cake, you take complete control of the design. It can be as formal or simple as you wish. The most important thing is that you design one that makes you happy. 

When looking for ideas for my wedding cake design, I went to craft stores and did some browsing. See a yard of lace that’s half off? Snap it up and use it around the base of the cake. Those strings of seed pearls? Swag them loosely around the edges. Traditional fresh or imitation flowers also make beautiful decorations tucked around the base or embellishing the top layers. 

Just as wedding gowns now come in a variety of colors, so too can your wedding cake. Try varying the color of the frosting: use pale pink, pretty lavender, subtle blue, or a sunny yellow. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination; the hardest part is choosing just one idea out of the many you’re sure to have.


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