I Made My Own Wedding Cake

by Erin
(Modesto, CA)

I Made My Own Wedding Cake

I Made My Own Wedding Cake

My aunt and I made this cake at home. We went to a party type store to get the stands for it because it had 3 layers. The cake itself was french vanilla flavor and the icing was a maple butter cream. It was so good.

I looked through cake and wedding magazines to get an idea for the design. We went with something simple because we couldn't make it too far in advance and were afraid that if we messed it up, I wouldn't have a cake. It was 3 tiers and served 50 people with some left over.

The cake ingredients were about $15.00 and the tier stands were about $30.00. I loved making my own cake because it just seemed special to have made it. I just kept thinking, "Wow, I provided the cake. Everyone thought it was beautiful and made by a professional." Now people ask me to make them cakes.

Unfortunately, the restaurant took the cake apart before I got a picture of it. So instead of the entire cake, I have enclosed the top layer. All the layers looked very similar. They had the same colors and we made the same flowers on each layer.

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