I Love Fruitcake

When I was a child, my great- grandmother used to make fruitcakes every year for Christmas. I never understood why it seemed nobody in my family liked them much. I was always told they were nasty. So I didn't bother to try them for years.

However, I finally took the plunge one year and actually had a piece of one. And I loved it. Fruitcake really is a delicious cake for me. I dont know if the fruit pieces or the fact that it's got a small amount of alcohol or what it is but fruitcakes are just awesome.

I don't think I have a favorite kind because I generally think they're pretty yummy no matter which one I try. It takes a bit of getting used to to really appreciate the complex flavors of a fruitcake. They do have a bit of an off putting taste to them and maybe that's why alot of people don't care for them much. But give me a fruitcake and I'm in heaven.

Sometimes I wish more people I knew would make them and give them to me. I've tried to bake one and it didn't come out the way I wanted. That was a sticky mess that took days to clean out of the baking pan. I can bake but obviously fruitcakes are not my thing. Instead I tend to hope that I'll get one for Christmas every year. Or get lucky enough that someone will remember I like them and just bake me one sometimes because the store bought ones I've gotten just really don't sit well with me. The fresh ones are so much better. I guess I'll never really know why other's don't like fruitcakes but I'm happy with them and I'll eat one every time I get one.

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