How To Make A Wedding Cake


This article tells how to make a wedding cake with supplies that are readily available.

Making your own wedding cake can be a simple affair. Contrary to popular belief (or myth) the cake doesn't have to be a masterpiece equivocal to a European Cathedral. 

Wedding Cake Decorating

While there's no particular recipe here, cookbooks and the web are great place to find a specific recipe to make your cake with. Just like your wedding plans or any other complicated piece of work your wedding cake should be made far in advance. Many people advise making the cake two days (don't do it to far ahead or it will become stale) prior. 

You'll also need to plan how much cake you want (two slices per person should work), what the design should look like, and the recipe you'll use. 

The bottom part of the cake (needs the largest cake) will serve as the foundation. You'll need to put the cake on a solid support, such as 1/4 thick plywood circle. Whatever the cake’s foundation it needs to be sturdy and 3 to 4 inches larger than the cake. 

Now you'll need 2 cardboard pieces the size of each additional layer. If you have a 3-layer cake (including the base) that would mean you need 4 pieces of cardboard. The cardboard should be cut to the size of each cake layer it will support. Now tape the cardboard pieces of equal size to each other, so that you'll have 2 double cardboard pieces (assuming you're making a 3-layer cake). 

Place a 1/4 thick dowel in the cake. Mark off the cake’s height relative to the dowel. Cut this, and 6 other dowels for a total of 7 dowels into the proper height. Approximate the circumference of the next layer of cake. Now insert the dowels 1-inch inside of the approximated circumference. The dowels should be evenly placed. Alternatively, you could use one large dowel in the center, and use seven plastic straws to support the cake. 

Now cut some aluminum foil about 1.5 inches larger than the double cardboard pieces. Put the double cardboard in the center of the foil. Cut one-inch "tabs" into the foil, and fold it down onto the cardboard. Delicately lower the larger cardboard piece onto the cake. You'll only have one opportunity to do this right so make sure it is exactly centered before it touched the cake foundation

Repeat the previous two steps for each additional layer of cake you have. Assuming you have used seven dowels, you'll need to sharpen one end of a new dowel, and push that through the center of the cake. This is to stabilize all the layers. 

Wedding Cake Decoration 

The course in cake engineering is now over, and now comes the time to put in the stained glass windows. An important part of the equation on how to make a wedding cake is the decoration. It should be approached with careful planning unless you're good at improvising art. You can buy frosting tools from a cake specialty store to apply borders, flowers, and other shapes. Or you could use flowers on the cake - just make sure they are not poisonous to humans and pesticide free.

We hope that this article has helped you learn how to make a wedding cake.


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