How To Make A Fish Cake

Are you looking to make a colorful cake for your family?

Here are some pictures that show how to make a fish cake with regular cake pans.  

We saw a picture of a cake like this online and decided to make one.

We used White Creamy Wilton Decorator Icing, as shown below.  We bought the icing at the local Wal-Mart.  It cost $12 and there was enough to decorate two or three cakes.  Any buttercream icing could be used, however.

Wilton Decorator Icing

We wanted the cake to be bright and vibrant, like a tropical fish, so we colored the icing with Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Color.  Any kind of icing coloring can be used, as well as any food color that's already in the pantry.

Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Color

We used two, nine-inch pans and yellow Betty Crocker Super Moist cake mix, but any kind of mix, including homemade, can be used.

One pan was used whole for the body and the other one was cut up to make the tail and the fins.  

The picture below shows the tail (the large piece at the bottom) being cut out.  We marked it with tooth picks to get an idea of how big to make it.

Shaping The Cake

The picture below shows how the whole pan that was being used for the body was laid out on a cake board covered with aluminum foil and iced yellow.  The tail piece and fins were put in place and iced as well.  

Icing The Cake

The picture below shows the cake decorating in progress.  

The lips of the fish were two red Dum Dum suckers.  

The eye was a marshmallow that had been cut in half with a brown M&M on top of it.

One row of yellow M&Ms was laid out from top to bottom behind the head.  The rest of the fish, except for the fins and tail, was decorated with every color M&M (except yellow).

The fins and the tail were scored with a fork. 

Decorating The Cake

The picture below shows the cake in its complete state.  

Everyone who saw it thought it was absolutely adorable!  

Fish Cake

We hope you've enjoyed seeing how to make a fish cake with items many of you already have at home. 

This would make for an excellent project to do with the kids.  They will love placing the M&Ms on top of the cake!

If you want a more exotic look, you can get a fish-shaped cake pan delivered to your front door.


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