How To Make A Bunny Cake

This page shows how to make a bunny cake without using any special cake pans.  

It's really easy.

To make ours, we baked a store-bought yellow cake mix, divided evenly in two, nine-inch cake pans, as shown below.

Yellow Cake Mix In Nine Inch Pans

When the cakes come out of the oven you leave one as it is and you cut the other one to form the bunny's bowtie and his two ears, as demonstrated below.

Creating A Bunny Cake

The next step is to lay the full nine-inch cake in the middle of the pan to form his face and you put the bowtie piece under his face and place the ears on the top, as illustrated below.

Creating A Bunny Shaped Cake

We used store-bought vanilla icing to start with.  We colored some of it pink and later mixed that pink icing with some shredded coconut.  That was used for the bowtie and the ears.  A small amount of icing was colored red for the bunny's whiskers.  The coconut shreds in the bowl on the right of the picture were colored with green icing coloring in a large Ziploc bag that was shaken.  

Colored Cake Icing

The next picture shows the bunny cake being iced and decorated.

Icing The Bunny Cake

The picture below shows the final product.  The green colored coconut was laid around the cake and looked like grass.  The bunny's eyes were blue M&Ms.  His nose was a red M&M.  Three brown M&Ms were used on the bowtie. The whiskers were put on using a small Wilton icing tip.  Notice how the coconut was mixed with the pink icing and used for the bowtie and the ears.  

Finished Bunny Cake

So now you know how to make a bunny cake!

It was very easy and it was also great fun.  

It would make for a wonderful afternoon project with the kids.  Just make sure they are careful around the colored icings!



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