How To Cut A Wedding Cake


Trying to learn how to cut a wedding cake properly? 

If you are having a do it yourself wedding or there is no one around with experience, a few tips might help out. 

The Right Knife

A sharp, thin knife is best for this job.  

You might want to try eBay to see if you can get a nice wedding cake knife set at a good price.  

First Cut

The first cut is made by the bride and groom, of course.  

After they have had their fun and created a bit of a mess, it is time for the rest of the cake to be carved into pieces for the guests.

Keep It Clean

If you want nice, clean pieces of cake without a lot of crumbs everywhere, it is best to begin by inserting the knife tip end down directly into the cake.  Then pull the knife toward you at an angle.

Having some dampened cloths around to clean the knife as needed will help.

Size Of Slices

The slices should not be too big.  You want to have plenty to go around and guests can always get more than one piece if they really like the cake.

Make sure you have some pieces that are even smaller than average for children or elderly guests who will not be eating a lot.  

For illustrations on how to do this we suggest doing a Google image search.  You will easily find some helpful websites.

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