Hot Rod Truck Cake

by Gloria
(Lexington, SC, USA)

Hot Rod Truck Cake

Hot Rod Truck Cake

My son loves monster trucks. When I went cake shopping for his upcoming 5th birthday, I couldn't find a bakery in my area that could make a 3D monster truck cake. I got online and found someone selling instructions for one so I bought it. But found the instructions were not for someone who wasn't a beginner cake baker and decorator.

I went to my local bake craft shop and found a cake pan for a VW Beetle. I figured if I cut it just right I could make it look like a truck; something I learned from viewing pictures of truck cakes on the Internet.

When I got home with my cake pan my husband thought I was crazy to even attempt to try this. My son likes the color blue so I added blue die to the cake batter so I wouldn't have to cover the whole thing with blue icing. After baking the cake and letting it cool I began cutting it to look like a truck. It was looking good.

However, when I went to decorate it, I found my drawing with icing skills weren't there. I tried drawing red and orange flames on the hood and sides of the truck. The truck began to look more like a racing truck instead of a monster truck, so I went with it.

After icing it, it looked like a hot wheels hot rod truck; which I thought was great since my son also likes Hot Wheels. I used a mini muffin pan to make the wheels and used the rest of the mini muffins for the letters in his name and Happy Birthday.

My son thought it was the coolest cake he'd ever seen!

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