Horse Cake Pan

"Create a special cake that your
daughter will remember all her life"


Looking for a horse cake pan?

The eBay auctions below often contain the vintage Wilton 1984 rocking horse pan, a carousel horse and a horseshoe-shaped pan. Some of them include icing instructions or you can search for ideas on how to decorate this cake on the Web. 

Why get this item on eBay?

  • You will save time because the bid can be placed in minutes.
  • You will be able to stay at home and save gas money
  • You can re-sell the pan on eBay after the party.

It is an easy decision! Go ahead and place your winning bid right now.  

If this is your first time on eBay, registration is quick and free.  


To search for other specialty cake pans just type in the name in the eBay search box above.  

Here are some great ideas and favors for a horse theme party

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