Homemade Wedding Cake

by Bill G.
(Trenton, NJ, USA)

A homemade wedding cake can be a major challenge, but it is possible if you give yourself enough time and follow these tips.

A friend of ours wanted to save money and make her wedding day filled with personal touches. We jumped in and took on the challenge of making the wedding cake.

First step was to sit down with the bride and groom and discuss the dream wedding cake. We quickly brushed off answers like "Whatever you do is fine." We knew all too well that this was part of a dream, and to come true, we needed to know what was in that dream.

The discussion quickly turned to a very traditional white cake with formal white decorations and a few special flowers to reflect the location of the wedding and the happy couple's love for the outdoors. The family was fairly traditional and the outdoor wedding and casual reception was filled with enough shocks without making some wild cake too.

How could we possibly make a traditional cake at home? Part of the secret is that we didn't. We immediately hopped into the car and went to the nearby crafts and hobby mega-store. There bride and groom were able to shop for a plastic wedding couple cake topper and white columns in a style of their choice. With these in hand. We also selected some more supplies, such as special frosting bag tips to make particular frosting flowers and frosting leaf decorations.

Taking the couple on this shopping trip made the whole experience special. It was the key ingredient for our cake.

When we returned home we made cake after cake in our round cake pans. We even trimed some down to get the right sizes for the tiers. Then we frosted up a storm, and beautifully stacked the whole thing into a very respectable wedding cake using the columns from the store. Each major tier of the cake was supported by the columns and a plastic supporting disc from the store. (Watch out! Columns alone might pierce through the cake or allow it to tip over as weight increases from adding more layers and tiers).

Before we put on the topper we made the frosting flowers and leaf petals and placed them on the frosted cake. The topper went on and so did the wedding.

The cake was much appreciated by newlyweds and family. All that work really was appreciated. We managed to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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