Homemade Wedding Cake With Carnations

by Cat
(Hyrum, Utah)

Homemade Wedding Cake With Carnations

Homemade Wedding Cake With Carnations

We had pretty small and intimate reception, so we only needed our cake to serve about 30 people, maybe less. One of the teirs is actually made out of styrofoam - the one I tried to cut into first actually.

We had a friend make it for us, but it's just cake tiered and frosted with a spatula to give it texture and the nice thing about that is mistakes don't show up.

After that we bought some carnations and spread the petals out all over along with some green plant for embellishment and put it on a stand. I think it cost $25 or so including the topper (which unfortunately didn't match because we didn't coordinate very well), but you could also just arrange some flowers on the top.

If I were going to do it again I would have put a boquet on top that matched the brides maid's. Cost was a big factor for us as well as the fact that we wanted to keep things somewhat simple and classic.

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