Homemade Wedding Cake With Blue Flowers

by Meredith
(Little Rock, AR)

Homemade Wedding Cake With Blue Flowers

Homemade Wedding Cake With Blue Flowers

This cake was for my brother's wedding, and made by my sister and me. His wife chose the style. The bottom was white cake, the middle strawberry and cream cheese filling, and the top layer was chocolate and raspberry cheesecake filling. This was the best and if it were mine I would make the whole cake this flavor.

My sister is a baker, and we made it at her job. I think doing this at home would give me a heart attack. Transporting the cake was the most scary part. We assembled it at the reception hall, but it was still hair raising driving the separate pieces to the building.

The cake was a 12-9-6, and we made it for $300. More a labor of love than for profit.

There were 75-100 people at the reception, and more than enough cake.

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