Homemade Ivory Wedding Cake

by Josh
(Mishawaka, IN USA)

Homemade Ivory Wedding Cake

Homemade Ivory Wedding Cake

This is actually a cake we made for my wife's cousin's wedding. Because her wedding was planned quickly and on a small budget we made the cake as her gift. It turned out great and was not as hard as you might think.

We already had round cake pans and a special pan for the large bottom tier, which was actually a 1/2 round pan. Each of the three tiers was a different flavor, the top - chocolage cake with raspberry filling, the middle - white with strawberry filling, the bottom - chocolate with buttercream filling. All three layers were covered in homemade buttercream made with butter rum flavoring, so delicious!

After practicing a few techniques for the edging design and searcing online for side designs we picked one and carried it through the whole cake.

Since her colors were ivory and lilac we purchased extra of the artificial flowers that were used in the bouquets and placed them on the cake in and elegant design.

Overall, everyone was very impressed and for less than $50 had a cake that she would have paid $300+ for. We probably won't be doing cakes for everyone in the family but it's good to know that we can if the need arises.

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