Homemade Four Tier Orange And Lemon Buttercream Wedding Cake

by April and Blake
(Austin, TX)

Orange And Lemon Buttercream Wedding Cake

Orange And Lemon Buttercream Wedding Cake

We baked this wedding cake for some friends that were getting married on a tight budget. This cake was a labor of love, and turned out quite delicious!

We wanted to provide our friends with something special, but set a reasonable goal for decoration based on our abilities. The flavors of filling and buttercream were chosen by our friends after we prepared a small test cake with different icing and filling flavors.

Edible flowers and candied citrus were easy to add as decorative elements. Our icing skills were limited to spreading a good coat on the whole cake and piping some along the base of each tier. So the style was mostly due to our skill level.

We made the cake ourselves in our kitchen at home. The cake was transported in two sections and assembled at the reception hall on the day of the wedding.

The cake was four tiers tall and fed over 150 guests on the day of the wedding. It provided leftovers for about a week after that. I seem to recall that the couple had a "cake and coffee" to polish off the last of it.

We spent about 16 hours total baking layers, cooking icing and filling, and assembling the cake. We probably spent about $50 on supplies that we did not have such as different-sized baking pans, a serrated cake knife for cutting baked cakes into layers, a candy thermometer, and ingredients.

Editor's Note: April and Blake, we thank you for sending in such a great example of a beautiful and creative homemade wedding cake.

It will be helpful to other couples as they try to create a unique cake for their own weddings.

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