Home-made family cake

by Aires P.
(Bukidnon, Philippines)

Name of Cake: Sweet Zhareese-O

1 pack Eggnog biscuit
250ml cream (whipped)
250ml condensed milk
250grams fruit cocktail
vanilla (optional)
ground peanuts
bread crumbs

Arrange one layer of the Eggnog biscuits into a square pan. Fold the condensed milk and vanilla into the whipped cream. Place a layer of mixture on top of the biscuits according to your desire. Spread fruit cocktail over the mixture. Spread ground peanuts and bread crumbs.
Refrigerate but don't freeze.

So easy to prepare and you can always vary your taste by replacing some ingredients with your favorite fruits or nuts. This recipe is my favorite when I was pregnant with my only and youngest baby girl, Zhareese.

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