Homemade Birthday Cake That Creates Lasting Memories

by CT
(Trenton, NJ)

Homemade Birthday Cake

Homemade Birthday Cake

Well, I wouldn't call it fabulous. We have a tradition in our family that I make sour cream cake for everyone's birthday. Ingredients consist of about 5 eggs, cup of sour cream, flour, little butter and sugar.

The birthday person helps me make the cake and gets to lick the bowl! We all love it! (And it's relatively cheap - allowing more money for the birthday present).

Each child picks out a frosting they would like. We buy this from the store. We've had everything from chocolate to coconut frosting.

Then, to spice it up, we also get the birthday person their favorite ice cream to go with the cake. In the picture, my daughter just turned 9. I was going to buy a ready made cake from the store, just because I was lazy - I was quickly told that I couldn't break the tradition, so I didn't.

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