History Of Fruitcake

by Cat
(New England)

Fruitcakes have a bad reputation and are often the butt of jokes. However, fruitcakes can be wonderful. Like any other food, much depends on the ingredients and how they are made.

Fruitcakes were highly prized throughout the ages and especially in Victorian times. Nowadays, we have many times of sweets and goodies and spoilage is not an issue.

Before our modern society special treats were just that - special. People often didn't have much to eat and much of what they had was not very appealing. Sugar and spices were scarce and very expensive in those days. Therefore, the fruits and spices in fruitcakes made them extremely tasty, highly desired, and a quality gift.

With that in mind, give fruitcakes another try. Try several until you find, or bake, that special one that contains the fruits and spices that you like most.

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