Hello Kitty Cake

by Jenny
(Vancouver, Wa)

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake

This wasn't really a cake for a child of mine, it was a cake for my sister's baby shower. She is obsessed with Hello Kitty at the age of 19, so that's what made me want to do that theme for her party.

All I used was 2 normal round pans, which had plenty of leftovers since I didn't make it 2 layers high. I used one of them to cut out the shape of the ears to add onto the top of the head. All of which consisted of normal french vanilla cake mix bought from the store with whipped cream cheese frosting.

I made sure I had a sturdy flat baking sheet to lay this out on, then I covered it in tin foil to begin the decorating. I frosted it, but the frosting was kind of what would you call it, {not super smooth). So I dipped my spreading utensil into some milk and went over it again to give it the smooth look to make it come out better.

I bought 1 stretchy sour rope in the bins at the local grocery store and made it into the shape of a bow that Hello Kitty wears. I bought a few big jelly beans to use as the eyes and nose, then some licorice that I cut up into strips for the whiskers.

All in all it's pretty easy to do and it's super cute to boot.

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