Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

by Shawna J.
(Kyle, Texas, USA)

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

I have 5 kids and can't afford to buy them a cake all the time. So I learned how to make cakes. I already make home made chocolates and candy. My kids seem to enjoy the cakes more. They get to show off to there friends that there mom made it. It also makes me feel good that they like it also. They look forward to it every year when it is there birthday or someone elses in the family.

This cake that I made of Hello Kitty, my duaghter Grace is 12. She really enjoys Hello Kitty, which is her favorite thing. I didn't use a special pan, just a regular rectangle pan for cakes. I did use fondant for the flowers and Hello Kitty that I bought at the store with the colors I needed to do the project.

I then went on the Internet and got a picture of Hello Kitty. I then printed two pictures of it. One to cut up and the other so I knew how it goes back together. I took the cut up pieces and put them on the colored fondant for that piece and took a sharp knife and cut it out.

I repeated it for all the pieces. I let the pieces dry till they were stiff. It is easier to handle the pieces when they are a little hard instead of soft like dough.

I put the cake in the frige to get it cold for about in hour. It makes it easier to frost when it is really cold. That, and the cake doesn't fall apart as easy.

After the cake is good and cold you frost the cake. When you are done with that you put the cake back in for an hour, so the frosting is hard. When the frosting is hard you can put a second layer of frosting to make the cake smooth.

Once you are done with that you can start piecing the the Hello Kitty together like a puzzle. I used cookie cut outs for the flowers and placed them on the cake randomly. I bought some other goodies at some specialty stores of Hello Kitty and placed them on the cake as well.

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