Hedgehog Cake

"Casey's Mom made this colorful
Hedgehog cake for her 4th birthday!"


Hedgehog Cake

This is the cake I made for my four year old daughter, Casey. It's supposed to be a Hedgehog, specifically our pet, Holly. 

We took Holly in when she was a new born as part of an animal rescue program, because, since we live in an apartment, we couldn't have a dog. 

My daughter became extremely fond of it, as it was her first pet and because it "guards" her while she sleeps at night from its cage on her dresser. 

I only used a sheet cake pan with a 8" x 12" solid bottom. 

I baked two cakes, stacked them together with a bit of frosting to stick them together. I used a knife to cut them down into the basic (oval) hedgehog shape. 

I mixed up some Marzipan, but it was too white. So, I colored it with a little chocolate frosting and cocoa powder. 

I frosted the body, "ruffling" it with my fingers. 

Then, I shaped the face using a rolling pin to make a pancake shape. I rolled the Marzipan into three balls for the cheeks and muzzle then tapped one side of each ball flat against the countertop. 

These I assembled on wax paper, adding a sugar sticker from the local bakery of the eyes before pressing them into the front of the cake. (I did this at the last possible minute, as I didn't have a lot of hope of it sticking for long.) 

The paws were much more difficult. I used the same Marzipan, but the shaping took a bit of work. It would be difficult to describe. The best I can saw is, look at the picture while you're making them.

This wonderfully creative cake was sent in by a kind lady (Casey's Mom) from Michigan.



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