Heart Shaped Birthday Cake

by Shrinivas Rao

Heart Shaped Birthday Cake

Heart Shaped Birthday Cake

The child was one year old and I used a special heart shaped cake pan.

Take two cups of all purpose flour, one cup of sugar, two eggs, onetea spoon of strawberry extract, half teaspoon of baking powder, one cup of milk, fruit color and some butter.

Separate the eggs yolks and white add only the yolks, take flour add milk, sugar,strawberry extract, baking powder,and fruit color, now add the egg yolks only mix it properly you can add some milk and flour and mix it.

Mix the whole ingredients, it's better to use the mixture to mix accept butter, then take the pan to cook and paste the butter on the bottom inside of the pan where the mixture is to be keep, now pour the mixture in the pan and cook for 30 min you can check the cake if it is cooked with toothpick.

Now the cake will be ready, serve it with cream to decorate.

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