Hamburger Birthday Cake

by Allana
(Nebraska, USA)

Hamburger Birthday Cake

Hamburger Birthday Cake

A child in my life was turning 6. I asked what kind of birthday cake he wanted. He told me he wanted McDonald's. I said we could have McDonald's for dinner, but what kind of cake did he want; chocolate or white? He continue to say he wanted McDonald's. I finally said okay and continue to think of ideas for his cake. Finally, I decided to make this Big Mac cake; two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, a sesame seed bun, and all.

I was inspired by the fact that my child wanted McDonald's instead of a birthday cake and I wanted to make him smile.

I did not use a special pan. I simply needed a rounded pan.

I baked the cakes, cut them to the sizes I needed and used fondant to shape cheese, pickles, and lettuce. I used frosting and coloring to make the sauce.

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