Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Here's something fun to take to your Halloween party!

If you are looking for some Halloween cupcake ideas here are some that are guaranteed to be a hit at your party.     

Halloween Spider Cupcake

The first picture is a spider cupcake that was made with ordinary chocolate cake batter.  It was covered with orange colored frosting.  The frosting was originally white and we colored it by adding yellow and red food color.  (Helpful Hint: Always add the yellow food color first and then sparingly add the red until you get the orange color you want).

On top of the orange frosting we placed an Oreo cookie to create the spider's body.  To make the eyes of the spider we dipped two green M&Ms into a little bit of the frosting to help make them stick to the top of the cookie.

The spider's legs were made from black shoestring licorice, which we had to hunt all over town to find.  We finally located some at Rouse's, which is a regional grocery chain in our area that has lots of specialty items.  Red licorice could be used as well.

The next one, a gummy worm cupcake, was really creepy and will surely be a hit with the boys at your party!

We used the same chocolate cupcake batter.  They were iced with store-bought chocolate frosting.

The 'dirt' was made with crushed Oreo cookies.  We removed the cream layer, put the cookies in a Zip-Loc bag and rolled them to crush them into dirt consistency.

Worm Halloween Cupcake

After frosting with the chocolate icing you dip the cupcake into the crushed Oreos to get some dirt on the top.  Then place some of the halved gummy worms on top and let the pieces hang over the side a little.  Use a little of the chocolate frosting on the cut part of the gummy worm to help them stick to the top of the cupcake. 

For the picture we threw a little of the dirt next to the cupcake and placed a couple more gummy worms to get an extra-creepy effect!  

The picture below shows both types of cupcakes on the platter that we used to take them to the party.

The girls thought these cupcakes were cute, and not surprisingly, the boys loved them.  One of the moms that was there even likes licorice, so she ate an entire spider cupcake.


Spider And Worm Halloween Cupcakes


Here's what you'll need to make 24 of each of these:

  • 2 packages of chocolate cake mix
  • 1 can of chocolate frosting 
  • 1 can of vanilla frosting (plus food coloring)
  • 44 cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos)
  • At least 24 gummy worms
  • Black (or red) shoestring licorice
  • A large bag of M&Ms


We got these Halloween cupcake ideas from the Taste of Home Halloween 2011 magazine.  These cupcakes appear on page 52 of the magazine.  It has lots of other adorable foods that you can bring to your party.  

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