Halloween Cakes


When looking for Halloween cakes to bake, where do you go first? An old recipe book? A magazine?

Probably not.

If you are like most people, the answer is "you go online!"  Yep, all it takes is a Google search for the right term and you can get recipes and pictures for any kind you want. 

If your party is mainly for adults, or your kids are old enough, then you might be looking for scary Halloween cakes.  A Google image search for that term shows one or two "allegedly" edible creations that are just plain macabre!  One bakery was making them in the shape of severed human arms and feet and torsos.  Another one had a cockroach cake.  That's disgusting.  

Maybe you are searching for creative Halloween cakes.  Good old Google comes to the rescue again, with lots of ideas from a simple image search for that term.  One was shaped like a pretty cool haunted house.  There are loads of ones depicting pumpkins.  Another one was covered with white icing, decorated with pumpkins, cats, ghosts and bats.  The Google image search  for this term yielded a picture of some little crawly creatures made out of ding dongs, twinkies, and other assorted snack foods.  They were probably the most creative of all.  Seated on brightly colored blue and orange and red plates, these little creatures would be an especially big hit with young kids!        


Looking for a special Halloween cake pan?

Then try eBay! 

The current auctions below on eBay for the keyword phrase "Halloween cake pan" should have the perfect pan for you:

Halloween spider cake recipe brings back some interesting results, including one in colors (green and black with red feet) that you might not expect. Some use dark icing with the web in white icing.  There are some nice spider web cupcakes (like the ones pictured below) that would be perfect for the little ones (and adults with a sweet tooth). 

If you are looking to save time, try searching for easy Halloween cakes.  There are some nice ones on the first page. A Google Web search for that term (instead of a Google image search) yields some cupcakes including a yummy mummy, bride of Frankenstein, one with an eyeball, a boiling cauldron with a little marshmallow ghost, a vampire and a monster.  All of these were cute, but not scary.  

If you are looking for the perfect idea this year (or any other), then the Internet is the place to go to save time and to be able to see the whole range of culinary creativity that's on display. 

Try going here for some additional ideas.



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