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Article: Here Comes The Groom 

Grooms cakes are a longstanding tradition in the South. Historically, each young single woman who attended the wedding would get to take home a piece of this delicacy. It was thought that if she placed the slice of cake under her pillow, she would soon find a husband. 

Chocolate Grooms Cake

Today, this wonderful old tradition is making a comeback, with spectacular results. Decorated to reflect his interests, hobbies, or career, the groom's cake can be served at the rehearsal dinner, at a separate event, or even alongside the wedding cake at the main event. 

Following are some fantastic ideas for choosing a theme: 

1. Sports: the lucky fella might enjoy a cake decorated in the colors of his favorite sports team, or to resemble a soccer ball, football, or baseball. A fun and unique idea is to take a simple rectangular sheet cake, and to decorate it to resemble a soccer field or basketball court, complete with miniature goals or hoops (check your local toy store) and players (plastic figurines). 

2. Formal dress cake: another fun idea is to decorate a sheet cake with fondant or icing so that it looks like the front of a suit or tuxedo. Don't forget to add an icing bowtie or tie, as well as an edible boutonniere. 

3. Games and hobbies: find out what passions the groom has, and try to replicate them in cake! A chessboard, a fish grooms cake , a poker table, or even a golf course can be made using cake and icing. 

4. Traditional: if you're not up for the challenge of creating a themed cake, a delicious and attractive groom's cake can possess a more traditional style. Similar to a small-scale wedding cake, a traditional groom's cake can have multiple layers and a cake topper, but try to use more "masculine" colors and patterns, such as brown, buff, or burgundy, and checkerboard or geometric patterns. 

A "mad hatter" style cake is a unique and crazy grooms cakes . However you slice it, having grooms cakes will delight bride, groom, and attendees alike. It's also a great way to showcase the groom's interests, favorites, and skills. Remember, weddings are no longer just about the bride! It is high time that this fine tradition makes a comeback.



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