Groom's Cake Instead Of A Wedding Cake

by Cathy W.

Groom's Cake Wedding Cake

Groom's Cake Wedding Cake

My husband and I were having a fabulous dinner reception, at a little Northern Italian place, and we really wanted a cake that would be as delicious as the meal. Neither of us really cared if the cake was the traditional white - we just wanted it to taste good.

So a friend who loved to bake started making us a series of test cakes, and the one we liked the best was a recipe we found in Martha Stewart's Weddings book. It is actually the Chocolate Ganache Groom's cake on page 361.

The inside is the Chocolate Almond cake from page 351. There are two layers of chocolate ganache icing, the second one drizzled over the top, and sides. So it was brown on the outside, not white, and decorated with sliced almonds.

The cake was 3 tiers, each with two layers, the bottom layer was around 14" in diameter. The top was only about 6".

I believe it cost around $75 in materials (she used top quality chocolate). We had 65 guests, and there were leftovers.

This was the first wedding cake she ever made, and she wasn't happy with how "amateur" it looked, but my husband and I both thought it was beautiful, and everyone agreed it was the most delicious wedding cake they'd ever had. It's dense, heavy, rich, and flavorful.

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