Grooms Cake Ideas


Looking for some grooms cake ideas?

Since most wedding cakes are white, the majority of grooms cakes are chocolate.  

That said, these wonderful treats come in all shapes and sizes.  

One of the most popular variations uses a football, since lots of guys love the sport.

A lot of them have chocolate covered strawberries or other kinds of fruit, like grapes, surrounding the base.

If the guy is a sharp dresser, one decorated like a tuxedo might be a good choice.

For an avid fisherman, some people have decorated with fish make out of icing.

One in the shape of a poker table is a good bet for guys that are into that sport.

We saw some with school colors on top, airplanes, race cars, dirt bikes, a golf bag laid on its side with clubs hanging out, team logos like the New York Yankees, football stadiums, tennis rackets and a whole lot more.

We hope that these suggestions are helpful.  Here is another page on our site with more info.  




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