Green Icing, Happy Ending

by Laurel
(Cooper City FL)

Birthday Cake With Green Icing

Birthday Cake With Green Icing

My daughter had just recovered from a serious head injury and wanted a special cake for her birthday. The accident occurred two weeks before her 7th birthday. This sheet cake was made with a recipe from an old Amish Country cookbook, which is about 30 years old.

I used an insulated sheet cake pan. The icing is regular store-bought canned icing, but my daughter wanted a lime green icing, so I added liquid food coloring and finished it off with some candy roses from the store. As you can see, she placed the candles herself.

It was a great-tasting cake even though not the loveliest I ever made. And my daughter is 100% recovered from her injury in case you were wondering.

Editor's Note: Thanks for sending in the picture and sharing the story of the cake, Laurel. We are glad to hear that your daughter made a full recovery.

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