Graduation Cake Ideas

"Three fun graduation cake ideas!"


If you are a beginner at making specialty cakes for events or special occasions, making a cake for a graduation party is a perfect place to start.

There are many ways to create an easy graduation cake that looks like you have had it professionally made. 

Here are three graduation cake ideas that can be executed by novice cake makers:

Diploma Cake

The first option is a diploma cake. 

Begin by baking a large sheet cake using a cake mix or favorite cake recipe. 

Allow the cake to cool and turn the cake onto the serving piece you will be using. 

Next, ice the cake using a white frosting. The frosting should be as smooth as possible. 

Finally, use black writing icing to write “Diploma” in cursive writing, along with the school name, the person’s name, and the date. 

Graduation Hat With Tassel Cake

Another option is to create a graduation hat with a tassel. 

Again, use a large sheet cake and allow the cake to cool completely. 

Using a sharp knife, cut the cake into the shape of a graduation hat. If necessary, use a picture of a hat or a template found online. 

Frost the cake using a black frosting. 

For the tassel, use licorice strings to create the perfect effect. 

Graduation Year Cake

The easiest graduation cake is the simple graduation year cake. 

This cake also uses a large sheet cake. 

After the cake cools, transfer the cake to a large serving piece. 

Frost the cake using any color you wish, although lighter colors will allow the year to show up better. 

Then, decorate the cake using graduation cake decorations around the edges. These can generally be found in cake or party supply stores. Finally, purchase the numbers for the year of graduation, for example “2009,” and place the numbers in the middle of the cake. 

Use Your Creativity And Have Fun

Of course, these graduation cake ideas can be used as starting points to get your creative juices flowing. 

If you feel like you may be able to create a more difficult cake, then try experimenting before the party day to make sure you can complete your masterpiece. 

Regardless of which cake you choose, the results are sure to be perfect! 



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