Gorgeous Pale Purple Wedding Cake

by Lara

Pale Purple Wedding Cake

Pale Purple Wedding Cake

My favorite color is purple, so that was our theme for our wedding. The bridesmaids gowns were a deep purple, the table settings were kind of lavender, and our cake was a pale purple (lilac maybe?).

The woman who made the cake is Sue Bruder (she lives in Pittsburgh on the North Shore). She was the one who suggested that we could incorporate the color into our cake, rather than have a white one. Instead, I picked a white swirl pattern for the sides of the cake. Sue makes her own sugar flowers, and you would have sworn they were real.

The cake itself was white with a thick, luscious layer of buttercream icing. We had four layers, with a small sheet cake to have enough for all our guests (200 or so). I believe the final cost was around $400. This cake was truly a work of art, and everyone loved both the taste and the design of it.

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