Girly Pink 1st Birthday Cake

by Candice K.
(Wales UK)

1st Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Cake

This cake was (obviously) for a little girl in the village. I made this upon special request. I searched around for a cake pan in the shape of #1, but the cost was a bit much seeing as I was only going to use it once or twice.

I didnt buy it but used my resources at home instead! I made the cake batter, coloured them pink, and baked it in two 9" square pans. For a cake with about 4" of height, I made the batter twice, ending up with four 9" squares.

I drew out the #1 on paper first so I knew the game plan; aligned two of the squares, one atop the other and trimmed to make the 1. Then put the other two cakes underneathe to act as templates.

Make the frosting as you wish. (I made a white chocolate buttercream and added a few drops of red).

Fill between the layers, frost the outside, and decorate however you wish! (I used little sugar flower candies and a marzipan elephant. Both were purchased from ebay since I dont have a cake shop nearby).

Oh, one piece of advice to know BEFORE frosting the outside: the cake will have a much much better finished look if you do a little bit more trimming to the top layer. Trim off the square/corner edges for a 3d effect. I made the mistake of not remembering to trim the next #1 I made...and it really doesn't look as good....shame cos it was for my own son's 1st bday. Awww! It tasted so very good, though!

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