Girl's Second Birthday Cake

Girl's Second Birthday Cake

Girl's Second Birthday Cake

My daughter was turning two and I had been stuck on a tv show called "Ace of Cakes." I knew I could never make a cake as elaborate as one of theirs. But I thought I could attempt a beginner's cake. So I went to a local baking store and bought all of the supplies needed. The first cake I did a trial run with looked okay but kind of sloppy. The second cake (the final one) I did, took a little more effort but turned out just perfect for my liking.

Q & A
What inspired me to make the cake?
-- The TV show Ace of Cakes

How old was the child?
-- Two years old

Did I use a special pan?
-- I simply used an average round cake pan, but did many layers on my cake.

How did you prepare the cake?
-- My cake was not home made. I used out of the box batter. The fondant was made out of marshmallows, water, flour, and powdered sugar. I used gel food colorings to color my fondant. And cut outs to make the flowers and butterflies.

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