Gift Box Cake

by Tracy B.
(Statesville NC)

Gift Box  Cake

Gift Box Cake

This was the 1st speciality cake that I had ever made! Plus I was making it for my PASTOR'S WIFE, whom is a very special and elegant LADY!

I have had NO PROFESSIONAL training, or anything, so I was terrified! I just love to try new things, and I love challenges. I've always loved to cook, I love to watch Food Network, I had been watching Ace of Cakes for... probably 6-7 months, and said I think I want to try that! So here is my results! The entire cake is made from scratch!

The cake is a basic cake with french vanilla pudding mix in it. (Flour, lard, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla flavoring, milk, and dry french vanilla pudding mix)

Between each layer of the cake I made a cheesecake filling and put it on each layer (it tastes good and also helps keep the cake moist). The filling is cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, lemon zest, vanilla flavoring, and milk.

The icing was a basic buttercream icing (powered sugar, lard, butter, vanilla, salt and milk).

The Fondant was vanilla flavored. (powered sugar, marshmallow fluff, clear vanilla flavoring, and Wilton's icing coloring).

This cake took 3 days to make, the fondant decorations have to set over night to harden to keep their shape.

The cake was VERY GOOD tasting, very moist, and everyone, including her, absolutely loved it and thought it was beautiful!

Editor's Note: Tracy, you made a beautiful cake! Your Pastor's wife is a lucky lady.

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May 03, 2009
by: gail

I am so proud of you.The cake is gorgeous!! It is professonal. U go girl!!

May 02, 2009
Gift Box Cake
by: Shelly Keller

Tracy this was a very pretty cake ! It was as beautiful seeing it for myself at Mrs.Judys party!!

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