Geoff's 9th Birthday

Geoff's 9th Birthday Cake

Geoff's 9th Birthday Cake

Our grandson, Geoff, was such a football lover, that I decided for his 9th birthday I would make him a football field cake. And it was a great hit!

I made a chocolate cake, of course, in a regular 9x13" cake pan. The cake was removed from the pan and placed on a foil-wrapped heavy cardboard. Then I frosted it with green icing to resemble the grass on the field. Next I used white icing to make the yard markings and the end zone stripes. I used wooden tongue depressors to make the goalposts, made signs saying "Happy Birthday, Geoff" and pasted them to the crossbars of the goalposts. I also put a scoreboard on the corner of the cake, indicating the score was 7-0 in the favor of our school, BCLUW. To represent the players on the field, I used black and yellow candies.

Anybody who is more artistic than I am could do much better decorating the cake. But my grandson didn't care-he loved it just the way it was.

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