General Thoughts On Fruitcakes

by Bill
(Chattanooga, TN)

Fruitcakes are generally fun to look at. They are usually bright colors and almost always usually have the bright red cherries on the top. Fruitcakes are known for their durability. one almost never knows how old a fruitcake is. They ship through the mail without serious worry about spoilage.

Fruitcakes are mediocre gifts. One is never seriously estatic about the receipt of a fruitcake or overly disappointed when they recieve one. Middle of the road. They are almost easily identified, even under giftwrapping paper, and if time permits, regifted. However, if the reciepient is or gets hungry enough, fruitcakes are generally eaten.

For the most part, fruitcakes have a pleasant taste. The combination of the sweet fruit and cake make for a good pairing with acceptable satisfaction.

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