Garfield And His Lasagna Cake

by Fantasy M.
(Gig Harbor, WA)

Garfield And His Lasagna Cake

Garfield And His Lasagna Cake

My husband and I made this Garfield cake for my son for his 10th birthday last year. Garfield is one of his favorite characters and we decided to get creative. We chose to make a 3D cake of Garfield sitting on top of a dish of lasagna.

This required four seperate baking pans, using approximately three boxes of cake mix:

First, we baked a 9x13" cake in a Pyrex casserole dish, the kind I'd use to make lasagna. This was the base of the cake. Second, we baked an 8" half-sphere cake using a Wilton soccer ball form. This was to be the body of Garfield. Then, we used a 4" half-sphere cake using a Wilton bowl form for Garfield's head. And then used a 4 section 2" half-sphere Wilton form to make four paws.

Once everything was cooled, we lifted the soccer ball form from the pan and carefully cut off the sides so that teh body was more narrow. We used frosting to attach some of the cut pieces to form a more realistic body shape. Then we lifted the 4" half-sphere form the pan and cut one side of it off so that it could sit flat on the 9x13". The round side faced out, as Garfield's face. Next, we trimmed the 2" half-spheres down to look like paws and set them in the appropriate places. We used some of the extra cake we had shaved off to make ears and a tail. Ears were attached with toothpicks.

Then we began frosting. We decored the 9x13" to look like a dish of lassagna. We even cut a small piece out so that it looked like Garfield had already taken a bite. We used red, yellow, and tan frosting to pipe in teh details of the layers of lasagna. We mixed the colors for all of our frosting using food color paste. Much better than regular food coloring. We frosted teh body orange and using black in a decorating bag for the details. When all was finished, we added black olives to the lasagna and black frosted toothpicks for Garfield's whiskers.

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