Game Point!

by Mai
(San Diego, CA )

Game Point

Game Point

This was actually a cake I made for my best friend, but the kids at the party loved it too!

My friend was celebrating a birthday that fell on the week after his team won the big volleyball championship. It was a very close game (26-26) and he scored the final point with a very hard hit that went through the other team's triple block! I decided to make him a cake of a volleyball smashing through a net.

I used a special sphere pan to make a strawberry cake in the shape of a volleyball with homemade icing to make the patterns.

I then baked a chocolate cake in a regular pan and covered it with fondant. I used green icing to create some grass and crumbled the extra bits of the chocolate cake and sprinkled it on to create the dirt.

I used two candy (lollipop) sticks and fondant to create the broken net. Once all of that was set up the volleyball was placed on top.

To finish it off, I made two little banners with the numbers "27" and "26" on them, to show the final score of that game with a little rose (also made from fondant).

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