by Tracy
(Evansville, IN USA)

I have always loved fruitcakes. My favorite is chocolate fruitcake. They make great gifts. Simply because you make them about a month in advance and voila, you have a Christmas present without the chaos of shopping.

There are so many variations, such as White, Chocolate, Christmas, Claxton and Pecan. You should be able to find one to suit anybody's taste buds. They usually call for raisins, cherries, dates, citron, walnuts and pecans. The great thing is you can add or take away any of these ingredients as long as you adjust the others.

I personally find these easy to make, but I have heard horror stories from some people who have attempted these. I once received a fruitcake that was so hard, you couldn't cut into it. I am still not sure what she did wrong. Needless to say I told her I loved it and showed her how to make the chocolate fruitcakes.

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