Fruitcakes: Why Are They So Bad?

So, popular culture always portrays fruitcakes as horrible foods. They are the cake that is constantly regifted and is hard (and dangerous) as a brick. Nobody ever seems to like them!

Of course, I thought I would dislike them as well. Well, last year, my friend just so happened to have a fruitcake, and trying to get rid of it, he gave some to me. Reluctantly grabbing a piece, I was prepared for the worst, but instead, it was the best! It wasn't hard as a brick as I imagined, nor did it have a horrendous taste. In fact, it was delicious!

At first my friend thought I was joking, but in the end, he realized I wasn't when I finished off half of the cake. I ended up taking the other half home, and now, jump on the chance to get a fruitcake!

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