Fruitcakes should be outlawed

by Alex Taylor
(South Africa)

If there is anything in this world that I hate, it is a fruitcake. That taste of fruit,nuts, alcohol, and the texture of the cake do not rest well on the palate.

My personal opinion is that fruitcakes should be outlawed and the bakers of such cakes should be held criminally responsible. A couple of words spring to mind when confronted with the word "fruitcake," and they are torture and terrorism.

How anyone can even imagine that they are creating something that people enjoy I have no idea. The mind boggles at the amount of people that will be terrorised into the toturous act of having to eat fruitcake this festive season.

Have you ever stopped to think that all those people commenting on how nice the cake is, are only being polite.

Please all you "fruitcakes" out there that enjoy fruitcake: "Have your cake and eat it" put away your sadistic streak this season and leave us be.

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