The fruitcake has a long and esteemed history, beginning in ancient Rome when people mixed up rum, seed, and barley concoctions. Later, in the middle ages, it developed the sweet and complex flavor it has today with the addition of honey, dried fruit, and spices. 


Today, we are most familiar with these "not liked by everyone" concoctions as a mail-order Christmas gift. In fact, the first mail order company to deliver them was started back in 1913. In the US, they usually contain refined sugar and some kind of alcohol (most commonly brandy or whiskey).

Speaking of whiskey, this recipe contains a half cup of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey! 

This recipe has 13 ingredients, including apricot brandy and candied fruits. It takes 50-55 minutes to bake.

This one features 12 ingredients and takes 3 hours to bake. It has orange liqueur, dried apricots and peaches, as well as candied pineapple. 

Here's a great picture of one chock full of raisins and other goodies.  

Here's a Christmas version  

This page on our site has some additional recipes for the traditional holiday favorite.



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