Fruitcake Yummy

by Jim
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Fruitcake, my most favorite kind of, well cake. I have loved it all my life -- Not! From the first time I tasted it I knew that there was a reason people re-gift it. I didn’t really know that what I had been doing for years was called re-gifting in the first place.

The first fruitcake I received as a gift at Christmas in the 1970s was what I believe was also a re-gifted fruitcake; it was hard enough and looked mummified. It sat in my pantry for a full year, until the next Christmas, and then I sent it to someone else. They said it was the best cake that they had ever eaten!

I have received many as gifts over the years, and many others have received those very same ones - re-gifted.

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