Fruitcake Song

As an elementary school teacher, I help my class perform some sort of Christmas Program every year. I found a fun song about fruitcake. In the song, there is a short rap about a crazy person who sends fruitcake to family members he does not like. I assigned the rap to a short, shy, and comical student. We dressed him in a clown wig and messy clothes. The parents roared with laughter as he bopped onto stage and threatened to send them fruitcake next year.

We ended the program by offering slices of fruitcake to the audience. Knowing we had about 120 people to feed, I bought 15 fruitcakes. We sliced them beforehand and had them plated and ready to go.

I overestimated - as most people turned the fruitcake away. I was left with 8 fruitcakes to eat, share, and freeze. Needless to say - while I continue to hear how wonderful that song was, I won't repeat the gift of fruitcake!

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Oct 02, 2008
by: Anonymous

i cant remember the fruitcake song but i sang it 6 years ago and i was wondering if you can send the words to me my email is tpinder18 @

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