Fruitcake Good Enough For Leftovers Only

by Erica

Many years ago, my roommate and I worked at the same place, where every year there was a potluck holiday lunch. We made small banana breads, fruitcakes, coconut breads etc. My favorite was a chocolate fruitcake with dried cranberries.

We were very proud of our cakes and sliced them up attractively on a large platter. At the party, we noticed that no one was partaking of our fruitcake platter. We were crushed. At our place of employment, nobody ever brought home their leftovers. Instead, they left them in the break room later, so we brought our fruitcakes there. The next morning, neither of us had had breakfast so we went to have some cake, only to find the platter gone. One department had brought out platter of cakes to their office for a private party. We were angry that our fruitcake was good enough for leftovers but not the main event.

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