Fruitcake Gone Bad?

by Clarice

Many years ago, it was my belief that fruitcakes never go bad. Someone somewhere told me this. And so, it came to pass that I drew from this bit of wisdom while preparing for a holiday party at Christmas time at the office where I worked. I prepared most of the food myself and asked for donations to reimburse me. I must have been manic at the time although I did a pretty good job except for one matter.

Understand first that I love one particular brand of fruitcake and would have it year-round if it were available: Claxton. As well, in my opinion, Christmas is not fully celebrated without fruitcake.

While planning the party I remembered that I already had a fruitcake in my refrigerator that I had received the Christmas before. I was saving it for someone who liked fruitcake because it was the wrong brand for me.

And so, I placed this fruitcake it in its unopened tin on the party table at the office telling someone that it would be really good because it had been “aging” since last Christmas. A little later, I overheard this person say in horror to another that I had provided a fruitcake that was a year old! That sounded so damning to me that I whipped the tin off the table and hid it in the trash. I was so embarrassed I thought I would die. Nothing further was said about it by anyone, at least not in front of me.

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