Free Cake Decorating Ideas


Are you looking for free cake decorating ideas?

Ever tried to bake a cake, seen it flop, and then given up?

You're not alone because everybody has at one time or another!

Hopefully these ideas will help you like they have helped many others.

Some key things to consider when baking a cake are flavor, texture and design, as well as ornamentation.

Since the outside of the cake is what everyone will see first, here are a few icing tips to get you started:

Let The Cake Cool

Let the cake cool off before applying frosting. You generally need to cool a cake on a baking rack for about 30 minutes after you pull it out of the oven.

Start With The Corners

Once you begin to frost it, start with the corners of the cake. They are the hardest.

A Thin Layer First

Apply frosting in a thin layer at first, using too much frosting can make it look lumpy. When frosting the sides make sure that is where you use the most frosting.

A Steady Hand

Also while you're frosting, use a steady hand and make when you are frosting that the utensil you are using does not touch the cake because crumbs will get into the frosting. More icing can always be applied, so take it slow don't get impatient. 

Use smooth, even strokes. If the icing is being difficult just dip your utensil in hot water and then continue spreading.

Using An Icing Bag

The size and shape of the icing decoration coming out of your bag depends on the pressure you are applying and how you are holding the bag. Always push the air bubbles out of the bag before frosting.

Simple Frosting Tools

And last, there are some handy frosting tools lying around your house. 

A fork can be dragged across the top of the cake to create a lattice effect, or you can also use a knife to make swirls along the top edges of or the top of the cake.

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