Four Layer Wedding Cake

by Melissa
(Sterrett, Alabama)

Four Layer Wedding Cake

Four Layer Wedding Cake

We decided to do individual rectangular pieces for our wedding cake. It was a pina colada cake, white cake with a layer of a coconut and pineapple flavored filling. It was decorative with a hard white icing and decorated with blue flowers on top.

Pieces were placed on a tiered serving tray with fresh flowers that matched my centerpieces and decorated on top with two porcelain mice dressed as a bride a groom from a collection I had as a child.

It was made by a friend of the family who is a pastry chef and works at a local bakery. We were not charged for the cake, but it should have cost normally about $1200.

We had pieces available at the reception enough to serve 75 people and we also sent everyone home with a piece also in decorative boxes (for our 75 guests).

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