Fondant Layer Cakes

by Misty Payne
(San Diego, CA)

Fondant Layer Cakes

Fondant Layer Cakes

I wanted a special way of celebrating 3 very special birthdays in September. My son was turning 2, my sister was turning 29 and my mother-in-law was turning 50 all on the same day!

I like to bake but I didn't want to do another traditional frosted cake. I started to do some research online and found several great recipes for a fondant layer cake and was surprised to read the positive reviews even for inexperienced bakers! I decided to give it a shot and was very pleasantly surprised!

I gathered most of my supplies at Walmart of all places! I wanted to do smaller "mini" layer cakes so I purchased several 6" round cake pans as well as food coloring gel to tint the fondant in their craft department. I happened to have everything else I needed right in my pantry at home so it was very inexpensive to make!

I decided to make three different cakes and I used boxed cake mix for all three. To make the cakes a little more "special," I made three different homemade buttercream frostings for each: Chocolate cake with mocha buttercream, white cake with chocolate buttercream and strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream. I found the perfect and best tasting buttercream recipes at

The night before the party, I baked each of the cakes (2 layers for each) and wrapped them in plastic wrap and placed on the counter overnight. I made the buttercream frosting and stored each flavor separately in plastic containers and placed in the refrigerator. I also made the fondant which was the most time consuming and realized later, it deserves several hours just for itself!

I found the fondant recipe at I wanted something great tasting using ingredients I had at home. I followed the instructions step by step and wrapped 6 different "discs" of fondant in the refrigerator overnight. I wanted enough fondant to cover each cake as well as extra fondant to make decorations.

The morning of the party, I frosted my cakes with the buttercream and stacked them nicely on round cut-out cardboard discs wrapped with foil that I made the night before. I then began to add my coloring to the fondant and rolled it out. This is fairly time consuming and be sure to use disposable gloves when using the food coloring gel! Again, I followed the recipe instructions step by step when coloring and rolling out my fondant. The trickiest part was rolling the fondant and draping it over the cakes. It takes a little practice getting the sides of the cake to lay flat. My cakes weren't perfect but I'm sure after some practice, my next attempt will go much better!

I rolled little "snakes" with the fondant just like in pre-school. I twisted the fondant on top of the cake to create the 1st letter of each person's name for their cake. Using a pizza cutter, I also cut out polka-dots and a ribbon of fondant for the bottom of each cake. This was the fun part! Fondant is a great decorating tool and you can really get creative!

Because the cakes do not air out when they are covered with fondant, they stay moist and are delicious! Everyone raved about the cakes and asked how they were made. Most of my guests asked where I bought them and were shocked to find out they were homemade! Even though homemade fondant layer cakes take a little more effort, they are well worth the result! My son, sister and mother-in-law were extremely happy which was most important!

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Mar 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

great help thanks i will be trying to make my ouw cake for my son's first Birthday!!

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